About the Game

Civitas Nova is a small but growing strategie game in early access and buyable on Steam. You start as the head of a small village which was built by your inhabitants laboriously. From here you can start building your empire!


  • Manage your empire
  • Manage and grow your Cities.
  • Do basic research
  • Build up an army.
  • Defend and conquer other cities with your army
  • Diplomacy with other Empires.
  • A lot more small and bigger things like weather influence and so on

Planned on the way to 1.0 Release

  • Build new villages with your settlers.
  • New important buildings, as well as more types of buildings presented visually.
  • Families- and dynasty system.
  • Advanced research.
  • More and bigger maps.
  • Other units (such as riders, archer, siege weapons, spies) for more depths.
  • Advanced trade and exchange between Empires.
  • Events (raids, diseases, natural disasters, etc.)
  • More victory options.
  • More languages.
  • New sounds and music.
  • Optimization of graphics and performance.
  • much more we will release later.